Step-by-step instructions for our window film

These stickers will stick the best on clean, dry and smooth glass. Studio Haikje is not responsible for damaged
surfaces, so be careful on what surface you stick these stickers.
The user of these stickers is solely responsible for determining whether the surface where the stickers are going to be
placed is suitable for placing the stickers.

1. The stickers are placed best when they are wet.
2. Clean the glass on which the sticker should be placed and make it fat free.
3. Carefully remove the sticker from the back paper.
Be careful with the window-side of the sticker, don’t make it dirty (don’t lay it on this side).
4. Spray the stickers at the window-side with water.
5. Also spray the window with water and place the sticker on the window.
6. Because of the flexibility of the material the sticker could shrink a little (about 1%) when removed from
the back paper. When you place the wet sticker on the window you can move the sticker on the window, so it
is possible to “push/pull” the sticker and stretch it carefully untill the original size.
7. If the sticker is well positioned, spray the front side of the sticker wet (so you can slip good over the
foil with the wiper).
8. Then move the wiper carefully, but strong, over the sticker so the water and air comes from under the sticker.
9. Carefully dab the sticker and the window dry with a cloth.

You are ready!

It’s possible to gently clean the window and sticker with mild sudsy water, afterwards always dab it dry.

Warning: These stickers are no toy and not suitable for children